Sr Christine Richard shares some news with us.

As you know, our country, the Central African Republic, is still prey to insecurity which apparently cannot be appeased. A big part of the territory is in the hands of different armed groups… In our diocese, after the attack of Bocaranga, last February 2nd, it was then Ngaoundaye’s turn which took place last week… near the frontier of Cameroon and Chad and the market of Baïboum… a strategic point.

Here, in Bouar, there is tranquility ; from time to time, the monitoring of the Minusca (Mission of the United Nations for RCA) is intensified, just like after the 2nd February, where I could see a drone nearby ; in fact, the Minusca came to St. Michel to make it fly and to monitor the city entrance… the plane didn’t go unnoticed to the children’s eyes, although it was late!

Regarding St. Michel (the place of the dispensary), the days pass by and very often life is the same, but at times surprises don’t lack too : one day, late afternoon, we find a sick person abandoned in front of the door ; he was suffering from a very high temperature, skeletal, while his tuberculosis cough was eating him away… we had no other choice than to take him to hospital. But first of all we had to find a nurse which wasn’t an easy job…. Another time, it’s a mother with a seven month old baby in her arms. She came to us because her child wasn’t doing well… I find out that this mother had medical screening in our clinic during her pregnancy and that she had refused treatment in spite of the three home visits on behalf of the mid-wife who tried to convince her. The baby’s clinical examination is surely positive… he was urgently hospitalized, but will he survive ? On that day I was really upset and it was difficult for me to follow calmly the other consultations… but why are they so negligent and ignorant?

The number of patients whom we welcome is always on the increase. Usually we carry out over 50 consultations daily ; on Tuesday we had 70 consultations…

The whole community is doing well … We are already in Easter time.

We cannot fail to think of all our Christian brothers who live in insecurity, in the anguish of bombing… our prayer reaches our Coptic brothers who have suffered deeply on Palm Sunday…

But we believe : Christ has conquered death, once and for all ! Nothing can separate us from his Love, neither anguish nor persecution…