Here is an account of this public event, which was attended by numerous municipal and religious personalities: on 30 April 2024, sister Fida Chaaya was chosen as the best mother of the year in Cairo.

Sister Fida, who is Lebanese, has been on mission in Egypt for five years. As soon as she arrived, she took charge of the infirmary course at the Sainte Anne school, run by the Sisters of Charity.

Her dedication to her work, her love for children and her teaching skills did not go unnoticed by the local authorities. So the Cairo Municipal Committee decided to award her the title of ‘Ideal Mother’ for the year 2024.

In the large hall of the ‘Tayaran’ club, numerous personalities gathered to celebrate the event. Sister Fida, together with the other two ladies who received the award, thanked the audience, the congregation and the Cairo authorities. She concluded her speech by recalling the importance of tenderness in a liquid, individualistic and multi-religious society, where obscurantism risks closing hearts before it closes minds.