To celebrate a birthday is to honour life, it is to honour the Donor, it is to honour all the people who have made our days, many or few, here on earth rich, beautiful, sometimes even difficult, always extraordinary.

Sister Antonia can count 36,500 days, plus leap years! Congratulations, sister Antonia!

The entire community of Cervia, her grandchildren, the Friends of Giovanna Antida, the communities of Ferrara, Modena, Ravenna, surrounded the centenarian, prayed and celebrated with her, who was in better shape than ever!

Mayor Massimo Medri also brought his best wishes to Sister Antonia Berengan on behalf of the fellow citizens of Cervia. The community confessor and chaplain concelebrated.

Sister Antonia, born Maria, was born on 5 November 1923 in Lusia (Rovigo) and took her religious vows in 1939. She dedicated her life to the poor among the Sisters of Charity. She was catechist, nuns’ formator, mother superior. A woman of faith, prayer, always at the service of the poor and committed to hospitality in various communities, she is still smiling and able to give a word of faith and consolation.