With a Chinese greeting video, in the year of the Dragon, we wish each other strength and good luck. Chinese New Year also coincides with the new moon. after the winter solstice and thus coincides with the beginning of Spring according to the Chinese. This year it is on 10 February.

According to mythology, in the mists of time, there lived a country a monster that came out of its lair once every 12 months to pounce on humans. Loud noises and objects made of red ones were used to scare it away.

For this reason, the Chinese over the centuries have developed a strong fondness for fireworks, as well as an important use of the colour red, which is the national colour.

On these days, a large family banquet is celebrated on the eve of and in the last of the fifteen days of festivities, the beautiful and mysterious “Lantern Festival” is celebrated, during which families, in the darkness of the night, take to the streets holding lit lanterns in their hands.

The colourful lantern day coincides with the first full moon, which – according to Chinese tradition – is a symbol of family reunion and an excuse to remember the good times spent all together during the Chinese New Year, especially for those who work or live far from home.

The colourful lanterns are also thrown into the sky, accompanied by grandiose fireworks.