From Elbasan, in Albania   

On the 13th November, we celebrated St. Agostina during a significant morning : 31 first year students, wearing a white uniform, prepared a slide show on the life of St. Agostina, patron saint of nurses. St. Jeanne Antide must have surely rejoiced from heaven. She used to say : «I had a true vocation, a big tenderness towards the sick, the desire and the will to console them ». Agostina, who gave her life to cure the sick has become a saint and a martyr.   

Our youths were publicly committed to cure the sick and to see in them a person to respect … Most of them are Muslims with a sensibility towards those who are in need.    

To be present in the places where suffering reigns, helps to realise Jesus’ Word pronounced in the Beatitudes. We, as sisters of Charity, we try to educate these youths and to listen to them with empathy.   

On the 27th November, we celebrate the 250th anniversary  of St. Jeanne Antide with a simple celebration, which will highlight the educative style of our foundress with the poor and especially with the sick.