Mother Sr Maria Rosa and her Council left, on the eve of the Easter Triduum 2024, to visit some communities in the Besançon-Savoie Province. They will then stop in Sancey, at the Thouret House, for two meetings with groups of European sisters, from 1 to 6 April and then from 6 to 11 April.

The community of the General Curia thus thought of an evening meeting, on Saturday 23 March, to anticipate their Easter greetings.

We offered Mother Maria Roma a bouquet of roses as a sign of affection, appreciation and gratitude for the work she does in the service of the congregation, and we all know that she does it with much love, responsibility and generosity.

Mother Maria Rosa returned the good wishes, giving each sister a small plant of colourful flowers, a sign that – even in the variety of colours and shapes – all people express beauty, wonder and amazement. And this is how we would like our community to be! United in diversity, finding joy, love, acceptance. And to be able to hear, from those who approach us, how good it feels in this community.

The moment we experienced was truly serene, rich in fraternity, in the exchange of positive and enriching relationships.

Thank You, Lord, for this Your gift!

This was followed by a moment of conviviality and then the group photo!

With joy in our hearts, we finally greeted her who is our Mother par excellence, the Virgin Mary, with the singing of the Salve Regina.

Sister Graziana