From 24 April to 7 May, there was a visit to the communities of the North American Province by Mother sister Maria Rosa, and General Councillors sister Wanda Maria and sister Maria Luisa.

Visits are always a special moment of grace, expressing in presence the accompaniment and promotion of the life of the communities and individual sisters – which the Family of the Sisters of Charity is constantly called upon to ensure – with a view to an ever more authentic incarnation of the Charism.

During the visits, we meet each other, intensify mutual knowledge and communion, and question each other on how they live, in the momentum of the Charism, fraternity and mission.

Through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Unity, and through the intercession of St Vincent and St Jeanne Antida, may the visitation strengthen the bonds of faith, hope and charity, and be fruitful for the future of the Province.