The missionaries who participated in the Youth Vocational Mission in Nova Serrana, Brazil, from 5 to 11 January, organised by the Latin American Province, were able to experience a day of Eco-spirituality.

  • Contemplating listening to what the Lord is saying in nature, his first manifestation.
  • Listening to the brother sharing his psalm of praise and acclamation, divided into groups of 12, like the disciples, because the Lord speaks in nature: 12, like the disciples, because here is a new beginning.

Let us listen together to the Word of God that challenges us: “We see all creation groaning and groaning in childbirth”.

For if creation is forced to fail to achieve something lasting, it is not from itself, but from someone who has imposed this fate on it.

But one hope remains for it… and that is the hope that the sons and daughters of God will show themselves as they are’ (Rom 8:22. 20. 9b).

Then we set out like Abraham to go to the land that God would show him, like Moses and the people through the desert to reach the land that God would show them, the Promised Land, like Jesus to go through the villages with the Good News, like Jeanne-Antide to follow God’s will, like our ancestors every spring, sharing projects… until we reach the shrine of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

Finally, celebration of the Eucharist at the shrine of Creació.