Organizing a “Fundraising Run” for charity is quite common in America, yet the St. Joan Antida High School, at Milwakee, had the original idea of organizing a “non run –run”.

The idea came from a board member of the school who thought it could be appealing to invite people for a “run” which would not involve any physical exercise besides enjoying nice food and chatters.

The suggestion was well received and last year the first edition saw 351 people taking up the invitation and raising 18.500 $, which were used to support students.

Many of the participants were alumnae of the School, who got this opportunity of coming back and get involved in supporting the service started many years ago by the Sisters in order to provide education to all girls and especially to the most disadvantaged.

The “no run nun” wants to honour this legacy and create an opportunity for everybody to participate and get involved, keeping up the flame of Charity which still burns in the heart of the Sisters, who are still playing a significant part in the life of

the school, together with the staff and students, and now with many other supporters who happily join in this original “runless run”.