Pope Francis has just proclaimed a year « Laudato Si’ » … it’s the title of this Encyclical letter which reminds us, in this pandemic time, about man’s duty to safeguard our mother Earth.

At the same time, it’s an ecological and social message which urges us to live an integral ecology and to hear the cry of the poor and that of the Earth …

Everything and everyone is interconnected and we are called to behave as stewards of this earth and not as owners. Yes, we are stewards who must take care of creation. We are called to reflect on the state of our common house : Earth and all its inhabitants.

The key issue is knowing in which state we want to leave our common home in inheritance to our children and to the future generation …

The cry of the poor:

The cry of the poor has become louder because the COVID-19 has already devastated the social fabric of the populations. We are facing a more global poverty : shortage of food due to the restrictive measures taken by numerous governments, loss of work and the collapse of thousands of small enterprises worldwide.

The sisters of Charity are not deaf to this cry :

For this reason, as international congregation present in the four ends of the world, we cannot remain with our arms folded. With the Thouret Foundation and the sisters present on the mission places in Africa and in Asia, we try to personify the cries of this message of justice launched by Laudato Si to meet the needs of this new crisis caused by Covid-19.

In the various communities, we offer a rapid support to the local communities who have been struck by the pandemic, with the means that we have a tour disposal :

– Sewing masks for those who cannot afford, for the prisons, for our staff

– Distribution of food stuff to deprived families

– Distribution hygienic kits to the schools and to health professionals

– Formation to strengthen the awareness of hygiene and to promote good hygiene habits

– Formation of the medical staff who collaborates with us in the medical centres and in the hospitals

– Assistance to the sick of covid-19 in the hospitals and in the homes

– Communication through phone calls to raise the spirit of lonely persons

This pandemic which in reality affects us all, makes us feel always more our call as sisters of Charity to be messengers of justice in the whole world whatever our origin, the language that we speak or our cultural milieu !