Prayer of thanksgiving to bid farewell to the year just ended and welcome the new one

Lord God, Master of Time, to You belong the present, the past and the future. At the end of this year, we want to thank You for all that we have received from You.

Thank You for the life and courage of the mission You have placed in our hearts!

Thank you for the trust you place in our religious family, entrusting us with new projects and opening us up to new horizons.

We present to you all the people you have placed on our path and with whom we have been witnesses of life and love!

We ask you at the beginning of this year to give us the grace

  • to always be fascinated by Your Word and to be able to incarnate it in our lives.
  • that we may understand day after day that great works can be accomplished with You and never without You.
  • That we may be able to forgive more, as Thou hast forgiven us, so that we may heal our wounds and carry on with joy and love without measure.
  • That we may live the present as a gift, tirelessly discerning Thy will in our daily lives.

The year 2023 is here, You offer it to us and with You we write history, our history… may it be full of peace and joy, strength and wisdom, clarity and wisdom. Amen