The Centre of Wotoro, in Berbérati, has been established several years ago; it deals with hospitality and the formation of children and youths who are forced to join the armed gangs. Due to lack of financial funds and the impossibility to welcome these youths we have decided to close down the Centre. We have informed the French Embassy in Bangui and the UNICEF about our decision.

During the month of February 2017, the ambassador came to visit the Centre and to listen to the testimonials of numerous children who were set free by the armed gangs and who were living on the road.

Later, we obtained a loan on behalf of the embassy which enabled up to host 25 boys in the Centre, 10 girls in “Nemesia female formation centre” and we could also foresee the registration of 30 children to attend school. The project will last only 5 months.

Towards the end of July we will be newly obliged to close down this Centre if we won’t obtain other financial supports.

The youths who are freed from the Seleka and antibalaka gangs are numerous in Berberati and also throughout the region of Mambere-Kadei. Many persons are wounded due to violence and other accomplished deeds. It takes time, and they necessitate adequate educative strategies to help them set up a new life.

They need an urgent reintegration to hinder them from becoming “a good potential” for the future revolts!

Our thanks go to the youths who manage to smile again and desire that their future will be different.

Thanks also to all those who share our moments of joy and hope…

Sr. Elvira Tutolo