A dinner of solidarity for the Africans living in the tents 

On 29th December, in the building of the Sisters of Charity in St. Ferdinando, premises of the Diocesan Caritas, around 200 meals were prepared for the solidarity dinner, offered to the young people in the tent city on behalf of the Sisters and Friends of St. Jeanne Antide.

Under the direction of Sr. Maria, our group was able to prepare a hot meal for these African children, who especially at this time of year suffer even from their already difficult situation and due to cold weather.

It was an uplifting experience for our group, who down the years has always carried out this type of initiative with much enthusiasm and love, while trying to imitate what St. Jeanne Antide teaches us through her life.  We prepared chicken and rice, coke according to their culture and therefore using their spices. We even had pandoro to celebrate fully. 

Those members in the group who couldn’t be physically present, contributed just the same through a gift or a message ex pressing their closeness.  Just because we really believe in what we do and we try to transform into concrete facts what we tell each other during our meetings.
On the 29th, leaving our comfortable armchairs (as Sr. Rosaria said during our last meeting) we, sisters and Friends together, went to do something important:  “To love the Lord through a service towards the most needy brothers” and to tell them that we are there, so they are not alone.

Caterina Galati (AJA )