Educator of students, of mothers, of novices, with goodness and patience drawn from the heart of God.

In Tortona, at the St. Vincent Institute: an elementary school, cultural courses, a boarding school, an orphanage, the right soil for sowing goodness. Sister Nemesia is present where there is menial work to be done, suffering to be alleviated, where a hardship prevents serene relationships, where fatigue, pain, poverty limit life.

Sisters, orphans, governesses, families, the poor, clerics from the nearby seminary, young soldiers from Tortona’s many barracks have recourse to her.

“Hastening the pace, without looking back, staring at the one goal: God Alone!
To Him the glory, to others the joy, to me the price to pay, to suffer but never to make others suffer.
I will be strict with myself and all charity toward the sisters:
self-giving love is the only thing that remains.”

Then to Borgaro, a small town in the vicinity of Turin, where there is a group of young women waiting to be accompanied on a new path, toward their total donation to God to serve him in his poor. They are the novices of the new province of the Sisters of Charity. Over time it will form more than five hundred of them.

The method of formation used by Sister Nemesia always remains the same: that of kindness, of understanding that educates to renunciation but for love, of patience that knows how to wait and knows how to find the right way that suits each one.

But the difference of view about the style of formation generates relevant contrasts with the Provincial Superior, who openly reproaches her. Sister Nemesia accepts everything in silence. Smiling, she continues on her way, unhurriedly, without failing in her responsibilities:

“From station to station,
we walk our way through the desert….
And if the desert is deaf, He who created you is always listening.”

The penultimate station is a tiny room where Sister Nemesia, in complete solitude, spends the last years of her life.

“Holiness does not consist in doing many things or doing great things,
but in doing what God asks of us, with patience, with love,
above all with fidelity to one’s duty, the fruit of great love.”

Sister Nemesia’s last station is Heaven.