In order to build a new page of history together, sister Anna Maria provincial Superior of the Euro-Mediterranean Province – and sister Noëlprovincial Superior of the Besançon-Savoie Province – presented their respective communities and mission realities to the Servant Sisters: We feel as one, Jesus is on our boat and by the power of his Spirit, he is taking care of us, he is leading us to grow as one body. With Jesus in our boat, we will not have to fear the waves and the storms”.

A brief page of the history of the two Provinces, a look at the different geographical realities that make them up, the demographic situation that characterises them, the journeys made so far towards the European Province, the apostolic challenges: “Let us proceed together in this journey towards a single European Province: it is the road of life that the Lord is asking us to travel today for the service of the poor to whom we are sent now and in the future, letting ourselves be carried by the light of the Resurrection”.

The Servant sisters then shared with much enthusiasm in interprovincial groups. In the Eucharistic celebration we renewed our covenant with the Lord Jesus, he the Vine and we the branches.