UISG FORMATION – Online Course “Speaking what is unspoken”

March 21-22; 2 – 4 pm (Rome time) bIanire Angulo Ordorika, E.SS.E

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What is conducive to abuses of power and conscience in Consecrated Life?

The global scandal of sexual abuse in ecclesial environments is generating a reflection on the reasons that make it a structural problem in the Church.

Despite this social repercussion, abuses whose victims are adults, especially women, abusive behaviours that do not affect the sexual dimension and those that take place within the ecclesiastical institutions, without any denunciation from outside, are still in the background.

In these sessions it is intend to address the existence of abuses of power and conscience within Consecrated Life and to recognise some of the elements that can easily lead to this reality.

Languages: English, Spanish and French

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