On March 13 – 14, 2023 in Vinh, the Assembly of the Religious Delegation of Vietnam was held on the occasion of the visit of Mother General Sister Maria Rosa and the two General Councilors, Sister Wanda Maria and Sister Mirta.

The Vietnamese Sisters’ welcome to Mother and her Councilors was, as is typical of this people, very polished, with traits of elegance and beauty that are not easily forgotten.

In its long history – the first contacts with Christianity occurred in 1533- the church in Vietnam has suffered much and endured persecution from successive rulers. The Roman martyrology records more than 50 times blessed and holy martyrs of this land.

However, strengthened by precisely such shining examples from the past, the Vietnamese church looks forward to its future with enthusiasm and impetus. Many vocations both priestly and to consecrated life.

The Sisters of Charity are beside the people in parishes, in Catholic schools for children, in colleges for schoolgirls, fully involved in the synodal journey, which is essential to reach out to those who, having been baptized, have drifted away from the life of faith.