Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, Romania, Laos, Argentina, Vietnam, Pakistan, Paraguay: the story of the activities carried out during the Vocations Month in the communities of the Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret around the world continues.

Below is a second photo gallery:


Italy, Naples

A number of meetings with young people were held in Naples during Vocational Month.

Indonesia, Jerora


From Romania, come photos of a traveling prayer.


Argentina, Villa Corina

In Argentina, the Friends of Joan Antida prayed together for vocations.

Italy, Borgaro



Italy, Milan

In Milan, on Sunday, May 19, a small group of teenagers experienced a day of fraternity, formation and service with some sisters from the vocational youth ministry, meeting with the elderly ladies who are guests in the boarding house of St. Joseph.

It was a very beautiful day: the participants saw the joy of Zacchaeus in the hearts of the teenagers, their educators and the ladies!

Paraguay, Puerto Triunfo

Several activities took place in Puerto Triunfo during Vocations Month: a meeting with the Word and shared adoration with friends from St. Jeanne Antide; a rosary for vocations with the community and children; a meeting with the Word with youth; a service meeting with youth and educators; a community retreat for vocations; and an itinerant prayer for vocations together with friends and youth from Fernando de la Mora and Lambaré.

Italy, Bollate

In Bollate, a rosary for vocations was prayed together with the community in the oratory where young people who have decided to say their Yes to following Jesus in the footsteps of St. Jeanne Antide were formed.

Italy, Urbino

Three stops were made in Urbino, one at the university parish of San Domenico, one at the church of San Francesco and one at the house of the Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret.

Italy, Ravenna

A day of service was held in the community of the Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret in Ravenna. Ten female students and one family participated.

Italy, parish SS. Annunziata

At SS. Annunziata parish, a Eucharistic adoration was held.

Italy, Rome