From Naples, the land where Jeanne-Antide spent the last years of her life, we begin to share testimonies of what the local communities of sisters and AJA are organising with young people and for young people: that what God has rooted in the depths of their being may flourish in fullness and freedom.

‘This afternoon, 1 May 2024, we began the month of May with Mary and praying for vocations, in communion with the sisters and lay people of San Giorgio a Cremano and Naples, but also in communion with the whole Congregation.

It was a beautiful moment of prayer and fraternity. It was an opportunity to embrace, to talk, to renew ties and memories of moments shared with so many sisters, who now reside in the community of ‘Villa Maria’.

We thank the Lord and Saint Jeanne Antide for these beautiful moments lived in fullness, joy and serenity. Let us not stop thinking of the young people and carrying them in our prayers’.

Daniela B., AJA Naples