Trained in the school of Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret, Sister Augustine understood that love for Jesus demands generous service to one’s brothers and sisters. For it is in their faces, especially those of the neediest, that the face of Christ shines.

God Alone was the “compass” that oriented all her life choices.

You will love,” the first and fundamental commandment placed at the beginning of the Rule of Life of the Sisters of Charity, was the source of inspiration for the new Saint’s gestures of solidarity, the inner drive that sustained her in the gift of self to others.

The awareness of the infinite value of the Blood of Christ, shed for us, induced St. Augustine Livia Pietrantoni to respond to God’s love with an equally generous and unconditional love, manifested in humble and faithful service to the “dear poor”, as she used to repeat.

Willing to any sacrifice, a heroic witness of charity, she paid the price of fidelity to Love with blood.

From the homily of John Paul II, April 18, 1999.


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