Shahdra, Pakistan; Yahchouch, Ghbele, Baabath, Quehmez, Bsuous, Libano; Isola di Java, Indonesia; Damasco, Syria.

The selection of projects promoted by the Sisters of Charity and their charismatic family on the occasion of Laudato Si’ Week continues.

Within this article the projects that developed in Asia.

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At Sta Jeanne Antide Bible Shool planting with students.



Village cleanup and recycling collection in Yahchouch, Lebanon.


Tuesday, May 23 was a great day of action for the pupils of Immaculée Concepcion School at the Ghbele sorting center. Congratulations on this initiative.

A child is born with an innate love for nature

In keeping with Pope Francis and in fulfillment of the message of preserving our common home, the Holy Family Home for Orphans seeks to educate girls and teach them to appreciate nature and perform their duties towards it to preserve it.

Afterwards, we held a training meeting (at a nursery) and learned about some types of plants, trees and roses. Afterwards, planting is one of the easiest and most fun activities for children of all ages. Each child chose a plant, planted it and is responsible for its care and attention.

The goal is to increase children’s appreciation and awareness of the role of plants in maintaining the balance of the environment. The earth is a renewable source of oxygen and we invite you to participate in its conservation.


Cleaning a river in Dleiby, Baabdath.

Tree planting in Baabdath.

Composting activities.

Baabdath school garden cleanup.


Quehmez ecological walk.


Cultural and ecological field trip to discover the Bsous Silk Museum of CE1 class.



Collection of plastic and paper for recycling.



In Damascus, young university students gathered at St. Josef Parish to reflect on the encyclical Laudato Si’ and to carry out a recycling project blessed by the pastor, thanking God with one voice for all that has been created in heaven and on earth.