A house of friendship, welcome and hospitality:  on Friday 15th March, the Archbishop of La Plata, Gabriel Mestre, came to our community to celebrate the Eucharist, as he has been doing in all the religious communities of the Archdiocese. Cristian, the parish priest of St. Anthony’s Parish, was also present.

This Eucharist had a very special tone and colour for us, as we know that since 11 February 2024, the community of La Plata has become the Provincial House of the Sisters of Charity in Latin America, being the seat of our Provincial Council. It was in this climate that the Archbishop arrived to celebrate the Eucharist, to bless the community and to recognise the house ecclesially as the Provincial House.

It was certainly a reason for great joy where we were able to experience with our dear Mother Jeanne Antide: “I am a daughter of the Church, be you also with me”.

We were also joined in the celebration by a group of parishioners from the parish of St. Anthony of Padua, and a group of teachers from St. Martha’s School, which is within the grounds of the Provincial House, who thanked us for allowing them to share this very moving and hopeful moment.

We strongly experienced this call to unity, to share life and the richness of the charism, with those with whom we walk and live the mission day by day. As Betany, the provincial house in La Plata wants to be a house of friendship, welcome and hospitality, where each sister can come as Jesus did to the house of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the friends of Jesus who welcomed him, and thus feel at home, welcomed and awaited.