Christmas activities at St Jeanne Antide college in Malta

Christmas is a good opportunity to remind our students the real meaning of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

At primary level we did a small preparation in collaboration with the “Piccoli amici di Giovanna Antida” with the resources sent by the central equip.  It was a small way to introduce the students to the Christmas event involving Jeanne Antide and our charism. Then the girls also had the Christmas concert evening with parents enjoying seeing their daughters on stage but at the same time sending a true Christmas message. Also we, as administrators of the school, had the opportunity to remind parents the ethos of our catholic school with an emphasis on the Love of God for all humanity, so much that He became man to forgive our sin.

At secondary level, the girls of year 11, set up the play “A Christmas Carol” with the message of brotherhood and generosity especially during Christmas time. The girls practiced team work and expressed their creativity and talents in setting up this play and the audience appreciated it greatly.