At this time when we await the election of the new General Council that will assist the new Mother General Sr Maria Rosa Muscarella, we express our sincere thanks to Sr. Nunzia De Gori, outgoing Superior General, and to the Councilors who have worked at her side during these five years.

Sr. Nunzia has been a Sister with a mother’s heart for every Sister of Charity since her first mandate! Her attentive eye, her creativity, her dynamism and her boldness have broadened the horizon of the Congregation. She watched over the small sprout, supported the great works, relaunched new missions, and helped the young sisters to make their way and the older sisters to dream!

At “Bethany”, a house of welcome and listening, Sister Nunzia welcomed each one with the solicitude of Martha and the listening of Mary…

Thank you Sister Nunzia for the spiritual and biblical inspiration you have given to the Congregation.

Our gratitude also goes to the councillor sisters: Sr Maria-Silvia Dattrino, Sr Mary Stephanos and Sr Christine Walczak: attentive, generous, available, close in the diversity of countries and missions!

Our “Thank you” is synodal… widely shared by all the Sisters of Charity in the world.
A “Thank you” that continues to be remembered in the future…
A sincere “Thank you” that springs from our hearts and becomes a promise, a bridge between the present and the future of the Congregation.