“For a religious congregation like ours, -remembering- is to take to our heart its beginnings and its historical development to thank God who has offered to the Church the gifts that make it a sign of Charity”.

This is how Mother sister Maria Rosa expressed it at the beginning of this third day of the Interprovincial Conference: “Family memories bring us joice, makes us feel part of an involving and attractive flow of life, that creates a sense of belonging”.

Before our eyes we passed photos of the places dear to us: Sancey, Besançon, La Roche, Naples, Rome, Pozzaglia, Turin Borgaro, Milan Saint Joseph, Digne, Les Fontanelles, Périgueux…

In the afternoon, through the proposals of the General Council, we were able to experience how what we have inherited becomes a legacy for others.

  • Sister Wanda Maria provided the calendar of the in-presence and online meetings that will involve all the communities and sisters of the two European provinces.
  • Sister Solange and Sister Maria Luisa presented the subsidies and concrete proposals entrusted to the communities to walk together towards Europe.
  • Sister Mirta shared the steps and materials for celebrating the Vocations Month in May.
  • Sister Maria Luisa and Sister Pascale H., from the Thouret Foundation, presented the initiatives for international voluntary work to which a group of young people from France and one from Italy have already signed up, with possible destinations in India, Cameroon and Argentina.

The Interprovincial Conference, during the concluding prayer, experienced a symbolic moment that had already been prepared at the opening of the Conference: each sister had received a jigsaw puzzle tile that was indispensable for making up the icon of Charity.