Around us we see how, in life, there are still many poor people: materially and spiritually poor, poor in food, poor in dignity and love. While welcoming the new year 2022, temporarily putting aside the educational mission, as Postulants, with our sisters we try to directly meet the poor, who are in great need of our prayer, the affection of our hearts and our love. Let us put into practice what Pope Francis has said to every Christian: “Meet the poor directly, not only with mere compassion.” Therefore, on January 8, 2022, with our dear Sisters, we made a journey of love to visit the poor in the village of Quy Chau.

In the cold of winter, the warmth between people, has become valuable. When we talk about the poor, everyone thinks of the lack of both material and spiritual means. We have prepared clothes, shoes, food and, above all, our hearts to meet the disabled people who are being treated in the new community of the Sisters of Charity of St.Jeanne Antide  Thouret,  in  Quy Chau. The fatigue of the journey seemed to disappear when we met the poor face to face. True, “every house, every scene, every person has a destiny.” But for God everything has the same value and is not trivial, for Him everything is important, because everything is created by his hands.

You experience indescribable sensations when you see these people. Some have cerebral palsy, some have paralysis of the arms and legs, others are psychologically abnormal, and yet, they all seem to have something to say, but they can’t say it. We perceive only partially from their eyes or faces their state of mind. We are also a little sad and ashamed of ourselves in comparison with them.

There are many less fortunate poor people who would need us, but we cannot reach everyone. They want a heart to love, ears to listen to, a mouth to eat and talk to, eyes to see, hands and feet to work with, a family to share their love with.

We also saw people eating on the side of the road, wandering around, sheltering for the night under small and tattered straw huts. There are families that lack the love of a father or mother, and they all desire a colorful life.

In the face of all this, we Postulants, with the sisters, feel that we want to follow in the footsteps of Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret with anxiety and with a desire for good, because we know that these poor people need help, they need sharing and sympathy.

“Father, give us today our daily bread.” This is also a request that we are taught in the prayer of the Our Father. According to this intention we pray that God will always accompany the needy and for us we ask for help so that we open our arms to welcome and love the poor, to live a true life as Sisters of Charity, following the example of Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret.

And now, at the beginning of this new year, we want to ask God to bless the    desires and projects of our Congregation for the poor.