Contemplate, celebrate, choose life”: itinerant weekend of service, sharing, prayer. This is an initiative of the Euro-Mediterranean Province’s Vocational Youth Pastoral Ministry.

On 29 April 2024, we started our itinerant vocational weekend by listening to the profound and genuine testimony of Anna and Enrico, who will celebrate their marriage on 18 May.

Anna and Enrico have taken many steps together with us, and now, young people and sisters, we will be with them to celebrate our yes to the Love that calls us to choose Life, leading us along paths that are sometimes difficult, but fruitful. Anna and Enrico have witnessed to us the beauty of entrusting ourselves to Love, growing in dialogue and mutual acceptance to build a family that is an instrument of His plan!

The next appointment is in Castel Maggiore and Ferrara, on 18-19 May. Happy vocations month.

Vocational Youth Ministry Team of the Euro-Mediterranean Province