To tell you something about today we asked the help of Saint Theresa of the Baby Jesus, whose liturgical Memoria is celebrated today. Besides six Sisters in our assembly have the name of this Saint.

In the morning we listened to Sr Silvia Dattrino who presented the statistics of our Congregation, as through the numbers we can read the “life and the journey” of the Sisters who are committed to witness to Jesus’ message wherever they live.

Then, Sr Anna Maria Nunnari presented the Economic situation of the Congregation showing the importance of our “sharing” rooted in our sense of belonging to the same family.

After a break we listened to Sr Nunzia, Superior General, who read the General Report.

It was an important time because from what they have listened the Chapter’s Sisters shall find inspiration for the guidelines which will lead us in the next five years and also think of the Sisters to be chosen to be part of the new General Council.

With great wisdom and competence our facilitator, Sr Nicla Spezzati, is effectively leading us in our journey of discernment.

We are living a time of deep prayer, sharing, questioning, and reflections.

Certainly the Holy Spirit is silently at work in our hearts!