“Serving Jesus in the person of the poor ”(S.J.A.)

 The first Sunday of Advent  2018 has been a very significant day for our pre-adolescents who concluded their sixth scholastic year in our educative communities: ”Virgin of Caacupè and Saint  Roque Gonzales de Santa Cruz di Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay.

We  have launched a process of evangelisation and of self-knowledge with the “Treasure hunt” method which isn’t the game that we all know but rather a method that helps the individual to know himself better across the life Project that God has always thought and dreamt for each one of us.

We already apply this methodology in various groups of adolescents, youths and parents (catechists), but this time we want to tackle it with our students who have finished the primary school in our schools this year and even last year. It’s open also for any other students of the same age who wish to join in this “Adventure of the small treasure of Saint Jeanne Antide” as we have called this small group.

It has been a celebrative Sunday with many encounters, games and prayer. Everyone was glad to meet again the companions after a year and to make new friends. All this rendered this day special while giving it a touch of joy and fraternity.

 Moreover, the presence of some fathers and mothers with the teachers and the heads was very important. They all did their utmost in this mission together with the young adults who have already experienced this “Treasure hunt”; the whole activity unfolded under the direction of Sr. Raquel Caceres who is in charge of the pastoral ministry of vocations at the level of Paraguay area.

It’s a time for sowing and hope, time of accompaniment and responsibility while trying to give concrete answers to the challenges which many pre-adolescents and youths face at this stage.

I truly say to you “ whatsoever you did to the least of my brothers, you did it to ME ” (Mt.25 40)

Sr Monica Binda